Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Star Wars Party

This is my cool Star Wars party, because I just turned Eight. I love Star Wars so this was a fun birthday party for me.

My mum made these decorations


  • I liked the flags she found on google. She printed them out and now I have them in my room.

The Food...

  • We had my favourite - Hot dogs !
  • my mum made cupcakes with star wars rings on top. There was a darth vader one and storm trooper one. When you licked off the icing there was a ring you could wear.
  • My mum made Force Juice to drink. It tasted like lemonade

My dad was darth Vader and my Mum was princess Leia


It was funny to see my mum being Princess leia. I thought she looked like the real one. She had a wig. Some of my friends dressed up. I was Qi Gon off Phantom menace. He was a jedi master who trained Obi Wan and he got killed by darth maul.


We first went to Megazone Ponsonby to play laser strike. There were three teams. I was allowed 8 friends to come because I am turning 8.
Then we went home and played some games like light saber battles against my dad


we decorated star cookies and had a competition to see who could make the best one. My freind Louis won the prize it was some stickers.

After our dinner we did the pinata. it ws a darth vader one that my mum made. I thought it was ok but it didn't look to much like him but it was fun because we had to wear a blindfold and try to hit it with our light sabers.

Then we watched return of the Jedi and my friends went home. I got lots of presents like lego and gogo crazy bones. I like gogos.
My friends liked the party and they had fun and I did too. it was cool.

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