Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from Dash

This is at Motat Lights. The man made these yummy lolliops. I Wish the man could make me one every day.

I learned to walk backwards and forward on the stilts.

The man was funny.

We had a tug-o-war too. We beated the man. He lost balance. It was fun.

Here is my last day at School. This is my teacher Mr Dyer. He was a funny teacher.

Here is the present I gave him. My mum made some rocky road.

We went on the train to see santa in town. I don't like this photo but my mum is making me put it on.

Here's is me sitting on santa's knee.

Here is a Christmas Elf Dance of my family for you to watch (it's really funny)

And here's one of me and my freinds...


Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Star Wars Party

This is my cool Star Wars party, because I just turned Eight. I love Star Wars so this was a fun birthday party for me.

My mum made these decorations


  • I liked the flags she found on google. She printed them out and now I have them in my room.

The Food...

  • We had my favourite - Hot dogs !
  • my mum made cupcakes with star wars rings on top. There was a darth vader one and storm trooper one. When you licked off the icing there was a ring you could wear.
  • My mum made Force Juice to drink. It tasted like lemonade

My dad was darth Vader and my Mum was princess Leia


It was funny to see my mum being Princess leia. I thought she looked like the real one. She had a wig. Some of my friends dressed up. I was Qi Gon off Phantom menace. He was a jedi master who trained Obi Wan and he got killed by darth maul.


We first went to Megazone Ponsonby to play laser strike. There were three teams. I was allowed 8 friends to come because I am turning 8.
Then we went home and played some games like light saber battles against my dad


we decorated star cookies and had a competition to see who could make the best one. My freind Louis won the prize it was some stickers.

After our dinner we did the pinata. it ws a darth vader one that my mum made. I thought it was ok but it didn't look to much like him but it was fun because we had to wear a blindfold and try to hit it with our light sabers.

Then we watched return of the Jedi and my friends went home. I got lots of presents like lego and gogo crazy bones. I like gogos.
My friends liked the party and they had fun and I did too. it was cool.

Monday, November 1, 2010

My School Trip to MOTAT

Today we went to MOTAT for school. I learned a lot.


I learned that some wheel back in those days were made of wood but now they are made out of rubber.


It was my mum's first time going on a school trip with me.


My favourite part was going in the room where there was an earthquake room and all kinds of other cool stuff.  We went on a train and we got to eat on the train too. It was made in 1908. It was over 100 years old.


I felt excited like it was my birthday to have my mum on the school trip.


I made a game called hide n go seek tag and there were two chairs what were time out and one chair was the toilet chair. It was fun. Edward and Luke liked my game.

Edward and Luke are my two friends in my class. Here are some cool photos what i did at motat with my freinds. My mum took them and I called her a japanese tourist!! cos she takes photos a lot and I hate it (but I like the photos!)

I enjoyed my trip to MOTAT.

By Joshua
to Room 45

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why I Like Star Wars

 I like Star Wars because I like things that do with fighting and battles. My favourite Star Wars character is Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca.

Also I like to watch Star Wars DVDS. My favourite is Return of the Jedi, cos the Jedi's won the whole battle.

Obi Wan

I like the light sabers. My favourote colour is the green and the blue light saber cos those are the goodies colours.

The Sith's are bad. There's only two Siths, the Emperor and his Apprentice. The first apprentice was Darth Maul but he got killed by Obi Wan Kenobi.

I like Obi Wan Kenobi too. His other name is Ben Kenobi. The famous apprentice was Darth Vader. He used to be Anakin Skywalker but he turned to the dark side of the Force because he believed the Emperor's lies on Revenge of the Sith and turned really angry. He had red eyes showing.

Chewbacca & Han Solo


Feel the Force!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Star Wars Birthday Party is Coming

For my party we are going to Laser Strike and its a Star wars birthday.

My mum got some cool stuff for my party and its going to be fun.
I can invite 8 friends because i will be 8.
first we will go to laser strike and do battles in teams.
then we will come home and have some games and eat the food and then watch a star wars movie I think it will be return of the jedi.
mum has got some drath vader rings to go on top of my cupcakes.
I don't know what kind of cake I will have.

my birthday is next month. My grandma is coming over for my birthday
she will be at my party too. do you think she will play laser strike with us?
that will be funny.

by Joshua

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Have a Facebook Fan Page

I wanted more followers cos I only had 7 and my mum has got 279 on her blog.
Then I saw that my dad has got a thing on his website and grandma was "liking" it and vioting for his blog so i said to my mum can i please get one of those so my grandma can like my blog please?

So my mum made me a page on facebook so people can find my blog and read my stories, like my aunties and my cousins and grandma too.

So I hope that soon i will have lots of people liking my blog and then i will write some more stories for you.
from Dash.

PS these photos were taken last week by my mum's friend at a party we had at our house. i was a Jedi apprentice.

Monday, September 27, 2010

KidsClick: Birds Are Animals Too!

On Saturday we went to Crystal Mountain but it was pretty dumb so we didn't stay.
I took these pictures of some birds for KidsClick Animals Animals Animals. I hope you like them.
This one is a chicken that was wandering around. This is my entry for KidsClick becos it's nice and clear and close up. I took it through the fence.

This one is a peacock that was there. Some kids were chasing it so I couldn't get a really good picture. Kids should not chase animals.

This one is a Pea-Hen. She is the lady peacock. She doesn't have nice feathers like the man peacock. But I like this photo. I took it through the fence.

Wich bird is your favourite?

Monday, September 6, 2010

All About Dinosaurs

I like dinosaurs.

I have always wanted to ride on a flying pteranodon. A pteranodon is bigger than a pterodactyl. They eat fish.

When an enemy tries to eat a stegosaurus its plates go red as lava. The enemy thinks the stegosaurus is going to explode and so they run away as quick as a cheetah. A Stegosaurus eats plants.

My favourite dinosaur is the Velociraptor. It has very sharp claws. It's so fast that you can't even catch up to it, and you never see it coming. It hunts in packs of three. It's small but fierce.

Gigantosaurus is the biggest dinosaur. It's as big as the sky. Gigantosaurus eats meat. Everyone thinks Tyrannosaurus is the biggest meat eater, but gigantosaurus is bigger than tyranosaurus Rex.

Triceratops practise bumping their horns to practise bumping the enemy, like Tyrannosurus Rex.

Plesiosaurus lived in the water. I think plesiosaurus looks like the Water Horse in Scotland. I think he is the Loch Ness Monster.

Iguanadon was the first skeleton of a dinosaur to get found in the whole entire world. People thought it was the plesiosaurus (my teacher and my classmates thought it was) but it WASN'T!!! It was iguanadon.

My favourite dinosaur DVD is Walking With Dinosaurs that my Grandma sent me from England for Christmas.

It shows you lots of cool stuff about dinosaurs and cool facts.

KidsClick Delicious!

My Mum thinks my baby brother is Delicious.
I took this photo of him kissing her goodbye on his first day at Kindy today.
By Dash, Age 7, Auckland NZ

Monday, August 23, 2010

Newcastle Beat Aston Villa 6-0!!!

Today Newcastle played Aston Villa. NEWCASTLE WON 6-0.