Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stan Walker Rocks

Stan Walker is the best singer in the world.
He won Australian Idol. This is his audition.
He is a NewZealander but he lives in Australia.
He's a Christian.

He is really famous and he has a website HERE

He sang this song on X-Factor and I liked it.

I play his songs on my MP3 all the time.

This is one I haven't heard before, called LOUD.

This is another one call STUCK IN A BOX

This one I listen to all the time on my MP3. It's my favourite, but its Stan Walker and a rapper called Young Sid. It's about Stan Walker's life.


Who is YOUR favorite singer??? write me a email or a comment.


  1. Hi Dash, I am like you..I love Stan Walker. I am probably your mother's age but I love him too. Mostly because he gives me positive influences. I am happy for you that you got to meet Stan. Happy Easter Dash, God bless you and love from another Stan's fan.

    1. Congrats on getting to meet Stan Walker! I am super excited for you because you seem to be a HUGE fan. What an awesome, once in a life time opportunity.
      You have convinced me that I should start playing more Stan Walker for my kids! Thanks!

      (I just popped over from your mum's blog)