Thursday, March 24, 2011

Captain Underpants... Tralalaaaaaaah!

I like captain underpants its my favourite book.
If you remember this right now don't tell anyone its top secret.

Me being super diaper baby

First don't click your finger around mr Krupp or he will turn into captain underpants.
secind, don't pour water on captain underpants head or he will turn into mr Krupp.

My favorite book is captain underpants and the wrath of the wicked wedgie woman.
here's a joke of the book (this is why I like it its so funny it will laugh your pants off):

I say what are you doing under there?
You say under where?
You said it  - Underwear! Hahahahaha

Dav pilkey is a grown up!
I thought he was a kid!
I like the books because dav pilkey is a funny author. he's been writing the books since he was a kid and he got told off by his teacher because his tecaher said if you keep writing books like this you;'ll never be a proper author. She said, nobody wants to read books about farts and underpants.
And he is a proper author!
And lots of people love his books including me and all my friends and family.

me and scrag are super diaper babies together

PS This is top secret, Don't tell anyone or you'll be sorry off George and Harold and ME!!!

The End


  1. My son loves Captain Underpants too. So much that I had to make him a Captain Underpants cake. You can see it here:

    :) Can I tell my son, since he likes Captain Underpants, too?

  2. haha - love your photos! My kids love Captain Underpants too! I will have to show them your blog!!

  3. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee patient!!!

  4. Who changes the big kid's diapers?

  5. That is NOT a photograph of Dav Pilkey. It is a photo of Josh Katz who worked on a song for Dav Pilkey. Please check your sources.

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  7. I don't mean to be rude, I'm just confused. If this has to do with Captain Underpants then why is ur oldest still wearing diapers? I can understand if he has problems still with potty training. I'm just curious is all.