Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brain Damage

HOMEWORK: Our brain is an important part of our central nervous system.

What happens if we injure our brain or our nervous system?

brain damage =

man dum!!!!!!!!!
man cant talk
man cant walk
cant breath
cant see
he dies

Are there certain foods that are good or bad for your brain?

junk food is bad for brain; brain cells DIE

Good food for your brain is...
oily fish
pumpkin seeds

this is an actual human brain.
this is what colour it really is

What other facts can you research about the brain?

25 Amazing facts about the brain:

What questions do you still have about the brain and what do you want to know more about?

  • What do these parts of the brain do?
  • If you injure different parts of your brain what would your injury be?

~For Miss Martin By Joshua

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  1. Joshua- you have done an amazing job on your homework. I love the questions you have.
    Do you know why the brain doesn't like junk food?
    Miss Martin