Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Big Fat Monster

By Dash (an original story)

Oncea pona time there was a Big Fat Monster!!! his name was Mr John, he was very Fat! By eating losts of choclalte and pies he was to Lazy to chace peopole. he watched TV all day His house was a mess.

there was a Naber called cooper hat, he was sick of the mess!

there was choclate wrappers on his brocken trees, pie packets on his window sills. Stickey chomie gum all over his garden.

and cooper hat saide OUT!!! Out of here!!! you messie monster!!! Leeving guarebidge!

at the end, messie Mr John [went] cring all the way into a darck cave, he Loved it!

the end.

A NOTE FROM DASH'S MUM: I thought I would share with you this too-cute story written by Dash last night (the one who used to hate to do homework). He has a presentation at school today, and came up with the "messie monster" idea all by himself. I suggested endings like "and then cooper hat helped him tidy up the mess and he learned to reduce reuse recycle!"

Nah mum, he said, rejecting my neatly finished green and moralising ending without a second thought. And he promptly wrote Messie John into a darck cave as quick as he could so he could go and join the nabers playing in the garden.

Playing with the Nabers in the garden, Photo by Miss Fab

PS: Cooper Hat is a boy in Dash's class (but his name is made funny by Dash; his class will get it and think it's really funny; Mr John is Dash's teacher. And I kept all the original spelling cos I'm him's mum and I think it's so cute!! I LOVED this story, Dash!

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