Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Favourite Star Wars Stuff

I like Star Wars it my most favourite movie cos it has lots of wars and stuff like force and jedis and ships and siths.

I like playing with my lego star wars. I've got so much rare guys.
I am saving up to get some more lego.
I want the TX11 Jedi Striker but it costs $125 at Toyco and $150 at the Warehouse. I would rather get it at Toyco than the Warehouse.

I would also love to have the Lego Star Wars Complete Saga for Playstation 2.
I will earn the money doing jobs. my dad owes me $11 already and I am going to do some more jobs to get some money.

When I was on Easter Holidays I used my Easter money to get Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.
Last time I wrote about movies I said i wasn't aloud to get it but I did. It is the oposite what i said!
I watched it with my mum and my dad. My dad had never seen it before. He liked it.
All th rest of the star wars episodes are PG but Episode III is M because there is lots of wars in it.

My dad and mum liked when yoda said to Anakin "fear and anger is the path to the dark side".
I said to my mum there is lots of lessons to learn from episode III.

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  1. Great pictures! We love Star Wars at our house too and are lucky enough to have a large collection of Star Wars lego too.
    May the force be with you!