Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Interview with an All White!!

On Friday afternoon the phone rang. Dash answered the phone and who was calling? Ivan Vicelich, the All White, that's who.

Dash was offered the chance to Interview an All White footballer through Kiwi Mummy Blogs and the Persil "Dirt is Good" campaign. Persil are now sponsors of the Small Whites, encouraging kids soccer here in New Zealand.

So we were all ready for our interview when the phone rang, with questions that Dash had come up with by himself (with just a few suggestions from his mummy).

We had hoped to be able to interview Ivan on Skype, but the old fashioned telephone had to do... so while Dash was talking to Ivan, Mummy googled pictures of him so Dash would know who he was talking to.

Of course dash already actually knew, because he is such a football fan. He already knew plenty about Ivan. But we still had to ask the questions...


DASH: How long have you been playing soccer?
IVAN: I started when I was around 6 or 7 years old for Massey AFC.

MUMMY: *whispers* But how long is that? We don't know how old he is...

IVAN: I'm 21! Hahahahaha... No really I'm 34 so I've been playing for a long long time.

DASH: How many goals have you scored for the All Whites?
IVAN: 6 or 7 goals for New Zealand, the last one was against Fiji in the World Cup qualifier.

DASH: How did you get to be an All White?
IVAN: I started playing football when I was young, I was always practising and playing with my brother and cousins> I was always kicking the ball, always juggling - you know, keep-ups - working hard and having a dream to play for the All Whites.

DASH: Yeah but how did you get picked?
IVAN: I kept on playing as I grew up, kept doing well, working hard. I started getting recognised and picked for teams. Eventually I got picked for New Zealand when I was 17 and got to play against Uruguay for 25 minutes and really enjoyed it.

DASH: What city Club do you play for?
IVAN: I started out at Massey AFC, then played for Waitakere City, then Central United, then Kingz FC (which is now the Phoenix). Then I went and played in Holland for 8 years, then returned to Auckland City FC. I recently spent five months in China playing for Shenzhen Ruby, but now I have returned to Auckland FC again.

DASH: Wow. Lots of clubs.What's the best thing about being an All White?
IVAN: Knowing that you're playing for your country. It's a great honour for me to play for my country and knowing that when I put the shirt on, I have all of New Zealand supporting us. It's a special feeling which is really unique.

DASH: What do kids have to do if they want to be an All White?
IVAN: It starts with what you're doing now. Play hard, listen to your parents, listen to your coaches. Enjoy football and also put a lot of work in, and sacrifice along the way. But always enjoy football. And keep progressing and working hard cos its a long and difficult road, but a very enjoyable road and if you make it to be a professional footballer or an All White.

DASH: What position do you play?
IVAN: I'm a central defender, central midfield, a utility player. I can play on the right or left.
One day I want to move up and be a striker.

DASH: What's your best advice about football?
IVAN: Work hard and always have a dream and work towards that dream. And always believe in yourself. You can reach your goals, there's no reason why you can't be an all white or play professionally. It's hard work but it's worth it.

DASH: Cool. Well I think that's the end of my questions. Do you want to talk to my mum now?

IVAN: Sure. But first I have a question for you. What position do you play?

DASH: I started off as attacking midfield, but now I play striker. 

IVAN: Cool. So you're already where I want to be! Do you score lots of goals?

DASH: We've just started training for this season but in all the other games I have scored heaps of goals.

MUMMY: Yeah, Dash is a great goal scorer. In his first season he scored 35 goals.

IVAN: Wow, that's impressive! Do you get dirty when you play? 

DASH: When I played for my school I did. It was really muddy and rainy.

IVAN: Well, Dash, it's been nice talking to you. I have to go now but get in touch with me if there's anything I can help you with OK?

DASH: OK. Bye.

MUMMY: *whispering* Say thanks to Ivan...

DASH: Oh, yeah, um, thanks Ivan for letting me interview you!

IVAN: no worries :)


Before he hung up the phone Ivan told mummy, he wouldn't have been able to get where he has in football without the support of his parents. he said his mum was always sitting in the car with a book or her knitting, waiting for him to finish training.

"Support from the parents is so important," he said.

Don't worry Dash, your mum and dad will be supporting our future All White all the way. We believe in you, boyo!


  1. Hey Dash, great interview. How cool was that??!! I've heard your Mum and Dad talk about what a great player you are too, good luck for this season.

  2. That's a really great interview. There are 3 boys (2 boys and 1 man) in my house and they are all football/soccer mad. I think they will really enjoy reading this interview. My biggest boy is nearly 5 and he is starting to play this year. They will think you are very cool and clever. Thanks for sharing.