Monday, March 21, 2011

My Cat Called Dave

On Friday I saw a cat.
Me and Jono wanted to keep it and when Abby came back she saw the cat and she wanted to keep it too.
That night I was sad because my parents wouldn't let us, and it was raining.
the cat wanted to come in but it couldn't.

So I let it come in for a little while but I wasn't allowed to keep it in cos it might of had some germs or fleas.
After that I made a bed out of a box with a towel and a Bob the Builder toy.
And then I made it milk and some tuna.

On Monday my mum got it some cat food biscuits.
they are green and brownish and we have adopted it and it has adopted us.

He is black and grey stripes.
We have called him Dave, which is short for "Dave Shaun Allan", my favourite name.

(Dave off Alvin and the Chipmunks, Allen off my Uncle Allan and Shaun off a random name)

The end


  1. Oh wow!! Your cat looks so cool. What a cool name too Dash! How lucky he was to find you!

  2. what a lovely story Dash, i am sure Dave loves you as much as you love her, and i think Uncle Allan will be very pleased at your favourite name. xxx grandma Winnie

  3. my mum said she had a black cat but it died and
    now she has two cats instead,hey did you check
    out my new post!