Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Star Wars Birthday Party is Coming

For my party we are going to Laser Strike and its a Star wars birthday.

My mum got some cool stuff for my party and its going to be fun.
I can invite 8 friends because i will be 8.
first we will go to laser strike and do battles in teams.
then we will come home and have some games and eat the food and then watch a star wars movie I think it will be return of the jedi.
mum has got some drath vader rings to go on top of my cupcakes.
I don't know what kind of cake I will have.

my birthday is next month. My grandma is coming over for my birthday
she will be at my party too. do you think she will play laser strike with us?
that will be funny.

by Joshua


  1. Hi Joshua,

    WOW! Your Birthday party sounds like it's going to be AWESOME! My daughter Charlotte had a 'Star Wars' themed 6th Birthday party - it was so much fun :) - Here's a link if you'd like to see -

    Have a great party, certainly sounds like the force will be with you ;)

  2. Cool Dash! I remember loving Laser strike as a kid... maybe mummy and I should give it a try sometime?

  3. Your party sounds great, and yes your grandma will love to play laser strike, i could by Princess Leila ( or her granny) ha ha ha.
    love Grandma