Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Have a Facebook Fan Page

I wanted more followers cos I only had 7 and my mum has got 279 on her blog.
Then I saw that my dad has got a thing on his website and grandma was "liking" it and vioting for his blog so i said to my mum can i please get one of those so my grandma can like my blog please?

So my mum made me a page on facebook so people can find my blog and read my stories, like my aunties and my cousins and grandma too.

So I hope that soon i will have lots of people liking my blog and then i will write some more stories for you.
from Dash.

PS these photos were taken last week by my mum's friend at a party we had at our house. i was a Jedi apprentice.


  1. I just became a follower of your blog and I am a fan on Facebook! Your blog is pretty cool! I will have to show my daughter who is 10 and my son who is 7.

    Great pictures by the are a wonderful photographer!

  2. Wow your blog is really amazing Josh, i am going to post a message on my face book to get everyone to have a look at it.x

  3. Is your blog on Facebook too?