Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Favourite Movies

I can't wait to see Rango. It looks so funny. Here is the movie trailer.

I just found out there is going to be a kungfu panda 2. I think i would like to see that too.

Also Yogi Bear! I think that would be funny.

Some movies I liked lately are...

Despicable Me.
It's so funny I want to marry it.

And I loved Megamind.
It's really funny when the fish pretended he was megamind but then he was faking that he died and he was being a drama queen.
Megamind trained this guy to be a good guy but then he turned into a bad guy and megamind had to be the hero and save everyone so he wasn't a bad guy anymore.
When megamind was training the guy he pretended to be a old granpa joe so he wouldn't know it was really megamind who was traning him!

But my favourite of all is Revenge of the Sith.
I have seen it once at my friends house but then my mum and dad wouldn't let me watch it again cos it is a (M).

But I really want to have it. then I would have the whole collection of star wars dvds.

I love the battle in the lava but my mum thinks it is too scary for me.
But it's not even scary!

I like when anakin turned to the dark side and then he killed everyone. Obi wan and yoda were broken hearted.
Did you know revenge of the sith is the last movie?

Here is the trailer...


  1. Good comments on the movies Josh! I really want to see Rango too, it looks cool. Uh oh tho, did you see Revenge of the Sith at our place?!! Your mum mite smack my bottom next time she sees me....! : )

  2. Dear Dash
    I still really want to see Rango.

    Your blog looks great. I'll make sure I
    put your button on my blog.

    Big Al