Wednesday, May 9, 2012


John Jacob astor & his wife and dog
the titanic sank on April the 15 1912. 866 people survived on the titanic, and about 1066 people died.

the richest man on the titanic was sir Jacob Astor.
captain Edward J Smith
the captain was Edward J Smith. It was meant to be his last voyage but he went down with the ship.

the titanic struck an ice- berg from the bottom of the ice-berg, one of the guys on the crows nest was responsible for the binoculars but he lost them.
the binoculars could of saved the ship from hitting the ice-berg cos they would seen it sooner and could turned in time.

The titanic being built in Ireland

lots of little things caused a big disaster.
There were not enough lifeboats for everyone because the owner didn't want to make the ship look cluttered. Anyway they all thought it was an unsinkable ship but every ship is sinkable.

the Titanic before it sailed

this happened 100 years ago.
i am interested in the titanic cos it was the biggest ship in the world and it sank on its very first voyage.

did you know that 1,932 people were on the titanic.

The titanic was the biggest ship in the world but the biggest ship in the world now is called the Oasis of the Sea.

The Oasis of the Sea makes the titanic look small!!!

Here is a story comparing the two ships Oasis vs Titanic

by Joshua graham


  1. What a very interesting story, I hope it does not put you of going on a boat!!! Granny Winnie

  2. cool story Josh. I'm very interested in the titanic too. It was a sad thing to happen. Did you learn about it at school? Mum is going to get me a book about it to read. Also I have got a magazine called National Geographic Kids that gave me some cool facts about it.from Miss Marvellous

  3. What a great story Joshua. I don't know much about the Titanic so it is interesting to read what you have found out. What are you going to write next? I am looking forward to reading more on your blog. Miss Bishop