Monday, October 8, 2012


This is Hatem Ben Arfa

My dad supports NEWCASTLE UNITED F.C.
I wish I was a ARSENAL supporter but since my dad was born from NEWCASTLE I have no choice but to support NEWCASTLE UNITED. If I don't support NEWCASTLE just say I would get a dead leg!

Once kids at my school were teasing me because I and my family support NEWCASTLE. The team were pretty crap because they were in division one! But next they won division one and went back to the premier league and came 15th out of 20 teams and three teams go down a division.

This is the new away strip

So they pretty improved a bit then the next season they buyed players like Hatem Ben Arfa, chiek Tiote, Yoahan Cabaye, David Santon, Demba BA,  Papiss Cissie, and my friends were quit impressed but they said they have to go throw to Europe or finish in the top six so we had a bet but that year me and my family went to England in NEWCASTLE and I got a NEWCASTLE UNITED strip there and went to see NEWCASTLE UNITED V BLACKBURN ROVERS.

Cheik Tiote

And the final score was NEWCASTLE UNITED 3-1 BLACKBURN ROVERS. and when I got home the league had finally finished and guess were they had finished, 5th and they also went to Europe. and when I went to school my friends were guttered absolootly guttered. and i won the bet. THE END!

by JOSHUA GRAHAM           

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  1. rory graham (josh's dad)October 11, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    My son is a very wise boy for choosing the right team.
    He is an awesome football player and would make an excellent sports journalist

    p.s. i didn't give him a dead leg but rather advised he would have to live in the garage, it would be rude not to egh?