Monday, September 6, 2010

All About Dinosaurs

I like dinosaurs.

I have always wanted to ride on a flying pteranodon. A pteranodon is bigger than a pterodactyl. They eat fish.

When an enemy tries to eat a stegosaurus its plates go red as lava. The enemy thinks the stegosaurus is going to explode and so they run away as quick as a cheetah. A Stegosaurus eats plants.

My favourite dinosaur is the Velociraptor. It has very sharp claws. It's so fast that you can't even catch up to it, and you never see it coming. It hunts in packs of three. It's small but fierce.

Gigantosaurus is the biggest dinosaur. It's as big as the sky. Gigantosaurus eats meat. Everyone thinks Tyrannosaurus is the biggest meat eater, but gigantosaurus is bigger than tyranosaurus Rex.

Triceratops practise bumping their horns to practise bumping the enemy, like Tyrannosurus Rex.

Plesiosaurus lived in the water. I think plesiosaurus looks like the Water Horse in Scotland. I think he is the Loch Ness Monster.

Iguanadon was the first skeleton of a dinosaur to get found in the whole entire world. People thought it was the plesiosaurus (my teacher and my classmates thought it was) but it WASN'T!!! It was iguanadon.

My favourite dinosaur DVD is Walking With Dinosaurs that my Grandma sent me from England for Christmas.

It shows you lots of cool stuff about dinosaurs and cool facts.


  1. Hey Dash, you have written a lovely story here. I am so impressed with how much you know about dinosaurs!

  2. Dinosaurs are the best! My favorite water dino was Mosasaurus!

  3. G'day!

    This was a very cool post. My favourite dinosaur is the Alosaurus because it has my name in it.

    Have a great day.
    Big Al.

  4. Wow, I'm impress that you know so much bout dinosaurs, especialy the Gigantosaurus. It's good to know bout this. This an aweasome post, keep it up!

    Have a nice day.