Friday, February 18, 2011

My Special Toys

these are my toys I like my toys becuase they meen alot to me.

this is jazzy my lion

here is bazzl his a dog he is my speichlets cuase i had him when i was a baby.

here is rex his a dino 

some of my silli banz

here is my puffle and my sstar ship.

and heres my books.

from Dash


  1. Wow Dash, you have some cool and special toys!! Cool photos too!
    Ben loves the silly banz you gave him. He bought some more and cant wait to show you when we see you again.
    From Ben's Mum (leonie)

  2. Hi Dash,
    My son Western has lots of special toys too, I like your idea of taking photos of them so I will ask him to do that this weekend. We might make them into a book for him to keep too. His really favourite toys are Lego and anything Star Wars. He would have loved to have a birthday party like yours.