Thursday, July 7, 2011


The most dangerous scorpion lives in North Africa. It is called the Death Stalker.
It can sting a dog and it will die in five hours and if it stings a person it will die in three hours.
Most other scorpions poison take seven hours to kill something.

Scorpions are part of the Spider Family.
Scorpions eat other insects but they eat each other when they can't find other food.

Lizards sometimes eat scorpions!
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The black scorpions are called Emperor Scorpions. They are not as dangerous as Death Stalkers.

There are 1752 types of scorpions but only about 25 species can kill humans.
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Are there scorpions in New Zealand?
No. There are not.

Are there Scorpions in Australia?
Yes. there are about 80 species of scorpions in Australia.
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